Suction Cup Dog Toy chew Ball for dogs and cats Teeth Cleaning Pet Molar Bite Toy

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wicked dog toy that suctions to floor at petsdirectstore

Product name: Stretch ball, rubber ball, dog toy ball
Product features: full elasticity, bite resistance, puzzle
Product advantages: enhance emotions, molars, and clean teeth
1. Safe and non-toxic: using natural rubber as raw material, rest assured
2, full of flexibility: bombs, bombs, bombs can attract dogs' attention
3. Molar cleaning: soft and bite resistant, molar cleaning
Double-layered cleaning tines, like human toothbrushes, can perform double-layer cleaning of teeth. Dogs can use the double-layer toothbrush designed to treat dog's calculus and tartar when using this product.
The powerful and powerful suction cup will not let the dog pull it apart easily, which can make the dog more interested and increase the dog's intelligence.
Anti-wear and anti-bite, advanced TRR plastic material to ensure that the product will not be deformed by the dog for a long time